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Darren Scully



Darren Scully from Dublin, Ireland is a 21 year old Leisure Management student in Dublin Institute of Technology.  I am a sport fanatic and love everything about sports. I love how an athlete can become immersed in his or her bubble of concentration, motivation and determination.  I work in promotions for a company called Brandtactics Ireland, promoting different brands world-wide brands. I am big believer in charity work voluntary with organisation like the Plough Youth Club and Headstrong.

Headstrong is the National Centre for Youth Mental Health in Ireland. I have been actively involved in their Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) for the last 4 years now and it’s been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. I have been able to sit on Jigsaw selection committees; this is the service that Headstrong provides at a local community level. I have done a three month internship where I sat on interview panels as part of recruiting some of the staff in Headstrong. I have done so much more like talks, presentations and workshops on “What Is Mental Health and Positive Mental Health”. I have been involved in two Think Big projects to date, one being how to promote positive mental health through song writing and the other being inspirational, motivational and positive quotes on promotional equipment eg, stressballs and wristbands.

I have been interested in mental health and wellbeing of young people for around 5 years. I first realised mental health was important when I became interested in song writing! Song writing helped me through a lot and it was my way of expressing how I felt inside as a person. One day it dawned on me that people thought everything about me was and seemed perfect but never knew how I felt inside and that’s what came out on paper when I wrote.

For this reason alone I felt if I feel like this what if everyone else does so this is why I have a love and passion for promoting positive mental health and wellbeing to young people. I also see young people as the solution to reducing the stigma as they/we are the ones going through a tough time and have solutions on how we could help ourselves or others around us.