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Justin Scaini


Justin is the President of Student Engagement for The Jack Project and a recent graduate of Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, with a major in Life Sciences and minor in Economics. As the youth leader for The Jack Project, Justin is tasked with finding new and innovative ways of getting young people engaged with their mental health. His unrelenting commitment and passion towards changing the landscape of mental health has served as a key driving force behind envisioning and creating the first ever student mental health innovation summit in Canada, Unleash the Noise. This unique approach to a national student led initiative has sparked the imagination of students and mental health experts alike. Justin’s contagious enthusiasm and strong leadership has inspired student leaders across Canada and internationally to fundamentally change how young people think about and understand mental health. He is now working with a team of young people in downtown Toronto to synthesize the innovative ideas collected at Unleash the Noise into a national student led mental health strategy.

Growing up, Justin dreamt of becoming a professional soccer player. Upon realizing he was not very good, he changed his life path in pursuit of becoming a doctor. However, as is typical with students, he changed his mind yet again and acquired a passion for improving Canadian health care efficiency, which remains one of his life goals. He often daydreams about travelling and loves nothing more than a round of golf on a sunny Saturday afternoon, although he does a better job of drinking beer than shaving strokes.